Our policies regarding trade-in, resale and warranty of instruments and bows purchased from our shop

Should you like to upgrade your instrument or bow in a more expensive instrument or bow, you will be allowed 100 % of the purchase price as trade in.

Should you find a bow or instrument elsewhere and would like me to resell yours, we will, upon its sale, pay you 80% of the sale price.   This policy is contingent upon the excellent state of preservation of instrument or bow. For bows there may be a service charge of US$ 33 for a rehair, if necessary for resale.

All bows and instruments are sold with a warranty for 12 months.

This warranty covers any necessary repairs or adjustments, with the exception of those due to damage incurred subsequent to purchase. The replacement of strings and bow hair are not covered by this warranty.

Voss Violins offers a once a year complimentary check up on instruments and bows. The check up includes a cleaning of the instrument and /or bow, small touch up, if necessary, and small adjustments to sound post, bridge and pegs, if necessary.

Should the instrument incur an accident we will be happy to provide you with another comparable instrument or bow for no vadditional cost while your instrument is with us for repair. 

Also, all repairs are discounted 20% on instruments and bows sold by Voss Violins.

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