Atlanta Violin, Viola & Cello Luthier Shop 

Stephanie Voss, 30 years of violin-making, holding Master title since Februray 19, 1994 of the school of violin making in Mittenwald, Germany.

A working violin-making shop in the old-world tradition in downtown Atlanta.

Instruments crafted  entirely in our shop by Stephanie Voss.  Our instruments are built from woods chosen from well-seasoned spruce, maple, willow and more that will best serve you as your musical partner and paired up with varnish that we mix and color to your satisfaction, to create a one-of-a-kind instrument.


Two Voss Violins being built here in our Atlanta, Georgia shop.

We also shop finish instruments from Germany, built for us by Heinz Fischbach of Ohlstadt, Bavaria, Germany.  Heinz Fischbach instruments are made of European poplar, tops are made of beautiful alpine spruce. The neck is made of maple.  They arrive here in the white, we finish the instruments here using our own recipe self-made oil varnish. 

The Sound of Voss Strings
Annie Camp, Cellist performing on a Voss Cello

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New & Used, Vintage Instruments
Restoration  Repairs
Rehairing of Bows

Student instruments
Rental & Exchange program

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